About / Mission

alchemy2Alchemy is Providence, RI’s newest live music venue and nightclub. Our beautiful room holds 261 and offers a full bar, food, VIP seating, couches, a pool table, darts, free wifi, arcade games, jukebox, and more. The room functions as a live music venue with a stage for performers as well as a nightclub with an amazing sound system and lights.

Alchemy is an artist friendly room. This means we do not allow any form of pay to play, including “forced” pre-sales, or any other schemes that exploit local artists.

This room is LGBT friendly. We do not tolerate any form of discrimination. The same goes for racism and any other intolerant behavior.

The Team

Davey Moore – Owner
Caleb Ezra Poirier – Room Manager/Head of Production
Kellie Traficante – Bar Manager
John “Cyco” Difruscio – Talent Buyer
Shawn Glassey – Head of Security
Jeff LeClair – Head of Promotions

Davey Moore: Owner

Davey has been performing in bands and booking shows in the beautiful city of Providence since the mid-90’s. Performing drums in a various punk, hardcore, and metal bands, most notably Fall From Grace, a mid 90’s band part of the emerging metalcore scene with bands like Converge, Hatebreed, Overcast, Shadows Fall, Corrin (Jesse Leach later went on to Killswitch Engage), and many other genre defining acts, and later playing guitar in indie rock acts such as Satellites Fall.

Even with going off to college to earn a Bachelors of Science in Psychology from University of Massachusetts at Amherst (previously earning an Associate in Arts in Liberal Arts), working corporate jobs as a Stock Broker and Financial Advisor and later going to Law School at Roger Williams University School of Law, Davey’s passion for local arts never wavered. He started Midday Records, in 2009 releasing compilations featuring local artists, booking shows across the city, and hosting events such as The Midday Social, a networking event for local musicians, and benefits such as Music For Paws.

Alchemy was an extension of the work started through Midday Records and functions as part live music venue, art gallery, and nightclub. Through Alchemy & Midday Davey continues to advocate for independent artists and the local music community.

Caleb Ezra Poirier: Room Manager/Head of Production

In addition to his work at Alchemy, Caleb is a local musician, Caleb Ezra’s Music, runs his own studio, Circle-Jam Productions, and does sound at other venues across the city. Caleb is a staple at Alchemy and can be found most nights running around the room doing the job of three people.

John “Cyco” Difruscio: Talent Buyer

John was co-owner of Club Hell, which was located right below our room where Ego is now, and operated for well over a decade. John also ran Firehouse 13 for a few years. He books through his company Intrinsic Events primarily working with bigger national acts in the punk, hardcore, and metal genres, as well as locals across genres.

Shawn Glassey: Head of Security

Shawn takes his job very seriously. One of the nicest guys you could ever meet, but get out of line and act the fool and you’ll find yourself being escorted out of the club faster than you can finish that drink in your hand. Shawn’s loyalty and dedication to the venue is unmatched.

Kellie Traficante: Bar Manager

Kellie is one of Alchemy’s longest running staffers, being with the venue almost from the day the doors first opened. In addition to her work at the club, Kellie works very closely with The Reliquarium, a collective of musicians and artists doing fantastic work at the local level as well as stage, light, and art design for regional and national festivals. Kellie’s passion for the funk and jam community brings her to events all across the world.

Jeff LeClair: Head of Promotions/Marketing

Jeff is very well known in the EDM community. He is directly responsible for giving Providence one of its first after hour spots, Therapy, and helms Therapy Music. He is also a well respected DJ. Jeff handles the venues promotions, marketing, advertising, and in-house graphic design.